Life With Lily is a primarily self-funded blog (with the exception of free samples for reviews!) If you’d like to support, here’s what you can do:

Ways to Support

1. Share posts you enjoy– if you’ve just read or viewed something you like and have found it helpful please share it! The more traffic that is directed to the website, the more opportunities become available.

2. Help build more traffic– simply visit the site often and click on various things that interest you.

3. Follow me on social media sites– such as Pinterest & Instagram. These all help to build traffic as well!

4. Leave comments– this lets me know what you’re interested in and how I can provide material that’s beneficial for my readers!

5. Make a donation– whether it’s $10 or $500, everything counts! The money goes directly to paying for web hosting fees, domain fees, equipment, creating new features on the site, etc. I also provide incentives (goodie bags and social media recognition) for donations given that are over $15.

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