my vision board & goals for 2017

A little over a week ago a friend of mine hosted a vision board slumber party which has turned into an annual tradition for us. It’s such a nice way to start fresh for the new year, everyone should have one! We had dinner, spent a few hours getting creative & then went around & shared our goals & intentions before falling asleep to one of the Huntsman movies.

To be honest, I used to think the idea of making vision boards was a very “woo-woo” thing to do, but after making my first one a few years back, I noticed so much more change in my life. It’s pretty neat to look back at old boards & see how certain things that once seemed impossible quickly became a no-brainer. Anyways, here’s what I put together for 2017:

© Lily Trahan

© Lily Trahan

My Goals & Resolutions:

Save up– I’ve always been big on bi-weekly budgeting & planning ahead but this year I’m taking it a step further & giving myself a very minimal weekly “allowance” for fun things. Everything else is going to savings so 2017 will be the year of pinching pennies for yours truly.

Work out more– After a 7-year hiatus, I finally got into the habit of exercising regularly again & forgot how nice it is just to have that time to myself to walk, hike, & zone out for an hour. I was so busy during those 7 years that when I finally lessened my load, I had trouble falling asleep at night. Which is funny because before, I was always exhausted & could literally fall asleep anywhere, anytime. Some even questioned whether or not I was narcoleptic. The exercising has enabled me to get the rest I need without feeling drained 24/7. That cut out of the lady with the nice ass is a friendly reminder to myself that gravity is a real thing, & so is the fact that I’m exiting my twenties.

Draw more– I’m lucky enough to have a job where I can utilize my passion for art & design daily, but until earlier last year, I had forgotten how nice it can be to just draw for myself. Ideally I’d like to aim to draw or design a piece once a week.

Get a better camera– Something I’ve been attempting to pursue since I was like 15. I really like taking pictures & need to make buying a legit camera a priority. This is the third year in a row that a “better camera” has been placed on my vision board.

Cook more Korean food– No matter how much I try to make my all-American dishes healthy, I just feel less crappy overall when I keep my fridge full of Korean dishes instead.

Drink more smoothies– Raw foodism just isn’t my thing but I feel that I could really benefit from a daily smoothie with raw meal powder. It’s just nice having that peace of mind when it comes to vitamins & nutrients. Like, who knows what hell is going into our soil these days.

Be a minimalist, sorta– Okay, I’m definitely NOT a minimalist, but I do hate clutter & tend to only buy what I need. I also spent New Year’s Eve cleaning out every closet & drawer for 8 hours straight to feel “lighter.” This term is more of an inspiration to buy less, & save up more because of my financial plans.

Read more– I really just need to get away from the phone & iPad & learn to be present in the moment.

Join a choir– It’s time I spare my friends the agony of dragging them to karaoke bars with me.

Work hard & be indispensable– Enough said. I’m a typical Asian overachiever who finds satisfaction in doing my best at everything I set out to do, especially since my job involves saving lives.

Dress nicely– My favorite part of the day is coming home from work so that I can take off my pants & bra. With that said however, I don’t want to look back 30 years from now & feel that I spent my younger years looking like a potato sack. So I’d like to make a conscious effort to wear a dress or skirt 3-4 times a week.

Meditate regularly– Pretty new to this but have found that meditating before bed is such a rejuvenating alternative to mindlessly scrolling through insta and crap on Facebook.

Love– As an only child, I’m very used to being alone & doing my own thing. Plus, I’d much rather “do my own thing” than be committed to someone just for the sake of being in a relationship. I can’t say that finding love is my main focus this year, because that would actually be money hehe. However, I’m also a fan of being open to new opportunities, so I’d like to be more open to love this year in case it comes knocking at my door.

I think that’s it for now. May add more later.

♡ Lily

emo is back

Or at least I think it is anyways. We’re one week into the new year & judging by my Facebook feed, it seems like being depressed is all the rage right now.

Between people agonizing over the idea of our new president & recent celeb deaths, it’s almost as if being openly happy is a bad thing. Look, I didn’t vote for him, either, & I certainly intend to do everything possible to prevent his bull crap “policies” from going into effect through local/state elections.

With that said, however, I also believe in putting my best foot forward every morning so that I’ll have a great, contributive day & not live in fear. You’re never going to be able to do today over again so why not enjoy it?

© Lily Trahan

© Lily Trahan

This isn’t a result of being naive or sheltered, it’s just reality that things in life aren’t easy but we have to push forward, to make things better. What is the point in having any source of faith if we automatically result to feeling hopeless?

I was taught to believe that everything is terrible, that we’re punished for shit 24/7 by forces beyond our control & to always worry, but at some point you kind of realize that it’s a waste of time. Worrying doesn’t make anything happen faster. If anything, generating positive energy is what’s more likely to lead us to a better future. Not saturating ourselves in negativity, amirite?

We choose our attitudes.

Anywho, onward to 2017. We’re going be fine & if all else fails, we at least have legal addictive stimulants to get us through! ☺ But like really, we live in a first world country, guys. So if you’ve got food in the fridge & a roof over your head, don’t forget to count your blessings.